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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Shopping

This time of year most people are wondering what to get people for christmas, here are some tips to aid in the gift giving
1. Don't wait until the last minute, if you find something you think someone will like in jan get it and save it until christmas
2. Be practical, dont get a gift for someone just to give them something because they typically won't use/ wear it.
ex. fill up their gas tank, give them money to pay a bill, take them on a spa day
3. Personalize, no one wants some generic gift that you give to everyone
ex. if you're artistic write them a song, or a poem, paint/ draw a picure. Remember their favorite colors & what they like.
4. Don't be so commercial & save a shopping trip by making gifts that people will cherish, they will appreciate that you spent the time
ex. pot holders, afghans, quilts, doilies, table cloths, coasters
5. Instead of giving people presents give them your presence, they will find you more valuable than any gift you buy
ex. make christmas meal together, have a holiday movie marathon, make gifts for others together, volunteer somewhere together
6. Don't just remember your friends & family at christmas, but your coworkers teachers, & other people you interact with daily
ex. make them cookies (something they can eat & move on (going back to #2))
7. Cards are cheeting, calling & visiting is better. If you think about it people just throw cards away anyway which wastes trees
* Remember that it's better to give than to recieve but that doesn't mean you have to go in debt to do it. When it comes to children they will have so many christmases that they will not remember every new toy you got them.
Peace, Love, & Flowers

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu Planning

When I hear those words I think tons of food, friends/family, and lots of laughing. The menu this year for us includes a ham, stuffed hen, dressing, mashed patatos & gravy, green bean casserole, rolls and an apple pie. Sometimes it's hard to come up with the perfect menu for you & your guests so here are a few tips that I go by
1. keep in mind any food allergies
-http://www.eatingwithfoodallergies.com is a great site with recipes and tips
2. remember the number of guests & how many options you want to give them
3. its fall, so think fall flavors (personal culture can influence this)
-desserts: pumpkin, apple, sweet patato, berries, nuts
-vegitables: corn, green beans, patatos, carrot
4. common meats are turkey, ham, hen, & even German sausages. All of them can be served to give variety or pick what your guests typically have to make them feel more at home
-ham glazes: brown sugar, honey bbq, mustard, & smoked (anything fruity is typically Christmas (going back to tip 4))
5. it is important that your sides compliment your main dishes
-simple meat/ fancier sides, fancy meat/ simple side
-flavor simple sides with spices
6. try new things, mix traditional dish up by giving someone elses recipe a go
7. the type of dressing/ stuffing shouldn't be to fancy if there are going to be alot of different foods
8. remember that you won't be able to please everyone & overall your the one who will be left with the leftovers so make sure you like everything

peace, love, & flowers