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Monday, May 2, 2011

Rach & Randii Tips

I've been so busy with college that I haven't had much time to write tips, how tos, ideas, or anything that comes to mind. I have been on polyvore however, where I've come across a duo that makes sets including great tips. Rach and Randii take requests on anything from acting to writing a paper, check them out:)
Peace, Love, & Flowers

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I remember the days of being younger & having to bring Valentines for my friends, teachers, and even whole classes. Now I give Valentine's to my parents work, friends, & neighbors. My choice of Valentine's tend to be:
Mini Cupcakes (red velvet w/ home-made cream cheese frosting)
-frosting ingregdients: cream cheese, marshmello fluff, powdered sugar
[this frosting will harden a little over night, eliminating the frosting mess of stacking cupcakes]
Mini Cookies (heart shaped sugar cookies w/ red or pink sprinkles)
*I personally like mini foods because you get bite size portions & you can make more out of the same amount of ingredients than regular size portions.
Mini Red, Pink, or White Roses (from gas stations)
These are all fairly inexspensive and things people tend to enjoy. Another good thing about little gifts is that youa can make gift bags for people filled with different things or for people you don't know that well it's just a little something to show that you care. That single little token may be the only Valentine they get & could make thier day.
Peace, Love, & Flowers