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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costume DIY Virgins

For those who want to break into the halloween costume do it yourself scene because you're tired of cookie cutter costume ideas or for what ever reason here's some tips to help get you started
what you will need
scissors, sewing machine, patterns(optional)
*Note that some looks can be no sew because your can just drape & tie
-various fabrics
tulle (can come in different colors, can be found in fabric stores or online), cheese cloth (softer than tulle; can be found at wal mart, craft stores, or online), velvet (thicker & soft; can be found in fabric stores or online), organza ribbons & trims (can be used for ties to hold the costume together or just accents; can be found in fabric stores, wal mart, or online)
velcro (easy to apply, unseen, quick & easy to open & close), zippers, buttons/buckels/claps (easy to to aply, can add visual appeal)
With different combinations of the materials above a variety of looks can be achieved. You can also cut up & resew everyday close from your closet or a thrift store[neck tie skirt(sew matching men's neckties together), scarf skirt]. Accessories are key to costumes & can always be made [faux flower head wreaths, trim head band, any fabric hood or viel or cloak]. Make up along with boby art[henna, temp tattoo, face paint] can also help define a look (michelle phan makes good tutorials on youtube)

*Note () denotes mini facts, [] denotes examples

some free costume patterns
witches hat- http://www.fabric.com/creativity-headquarters-free-pattern-downloads-bad-witch-good-witch-hat-fascinator.aspx
elf shoes by Debbi Calgrove-http://sewing.about.com/od/hallowee1/ss/elfshoes.htm
fairy wings by Mommy Blessings-

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Costumes Out of Your Own Closet

Halloween is coming up soon and I had some ideas for costumes if you waited until the last minute & cant find a costume, or simply want a played down/ modern version of a costume. All you need for these are everyday clothes (& remember what you don't have in your closet a thrift store might)
Disney Princess:
Cinderella- blue headband, blue ribbon for choker, white shoes or those clear gel shoes, light blue dress, blue elbow length gloves(opt), hair in high messy bun
Snow White- blue sweater (or jacket), yellow cami & skirt (or dress), red head band, fold hair under & pinn in if its too long to look shoulder length
Peter Pan:
Peter Pan- green dress (or long coat), dark green leggings(or tights), green slouch hat(or beanie), red feather to put in hat, brown belt, light brown ankle boots
Tinker Bell- sleeveless green shirt & green shorts (or sleeveless green dress), green ballet flats(or converse), put hair in bun & tie w/ yarn, body glitter would be a nice touch
Wendy- light blue dress (or shirt & skirt), blue ballet flats, light blue ribbon for hair, hair in half pony tail curled
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz- a blue checkered shirt(or blue plaid), red converse or ballet flats, jeans, ribbons for hair, hair in 2 braids
Jack Skellington for The Nightmare Before Christmas- pinstripe suite, paint face white with black around the eyes
Princess Lea from Star Wars- white long sleeved turtle neck, white pants, white boots, hair in two buns
Alice in Wonderland- Blue dress w/ white tights (or shirt w/ light blue jeans), white apron, black ballet flats, black head band
Lilo from Lilo & Stitch- red floral dress (or shirt w/ wrap skirt), black open toe shoes, red hibiscus for hair
Wilma from The Flinstones- white dress (or white blouse & light skinny jeans), pearl necklace, white ballet flats (or nude dance shoes if you have them to look bare foot), hair in bun
Betty from The Flinstones- blue dress (or blue blouse w/ black skinny jeans), black ribbon w/ white stone or charm for necklace, black ballet flats (or nude dance shoes if you have them to look bare foot), hair flipped up at ends
Hello Kitty-dark pink jumper(or cropped sleeved jacket w/ dark pink pants or skirt), light pink long sleeved shirt, dark pink bow for hair
Barbie from Toy Story 3-turqoise unitard (or leotard w/ same colored tights), pink striped legwarmers (can cut sleaves off of a sweater for these), light pink pumps, dark pink belt, dark pink ribbon for hair, wear hair in pony tail (if you have long hair curl the ends)