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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Costumes Out of Your Own Closet

Halloween is coming up soon and I had some ideas for costumes if you waited until the last minute & cant find a costume, or simply want a played down/ modern version of a costume. All you need for these are everyday clothes (& remember what you don't have in your closet a thrift store might)
Disney Princess:
Cinderella- blue headband, blue ribbon for choker, white shoes or those clear gel shoes, light blue dress, blue elbow length gloves(opt), hair in high messy bun
Snow White- blue sweater (or jacket), yellow cami & skirt (or dress), red head band, fold hair under & pinn in if its too long to look shoulder length
Peter Pan:
Peter Pan- green dress (or long coat), dark green leggings(or tights), green slouch hat(or beanie), red feather to put in hat, brown belt, light brown ankle boots
Tinker Bell- sleeveless green shirt & green shorts (or sleeveless green dress), green ballet flats(or converse), put hair in bun & tie w/ yarn, body glitter would be a nice touch
Wendy- light blue dress (or shirt & skirt), blue ballet flats, light blue ribbon for hair, hair in half pony tail curled
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz- a blue checkered shirt(or blue plaid), red converse or ballet flats, jeans, ribbons for hair, hair in 2 braids
Jack Skellington for The Nightmare Before Christmas- pinstripe suite, paint face white with black around the eyes
Princess Lea from Star Wars- white long sleeved turtle neck, white pants, white boots, hair in two buns
Alice in Wonderland- Blue dress w/ white tights (or shirt w/ light blue jeans), white apron, black ballet flats, black head band
Lilo from Lilo & Stitch- red floral dress (or shirt w/ wrap skirt), black open toe shoes, red hibiscus for hair
Wilma from The Flinstones- white dress (or white blouse & light skinny jeans), pearl necklace, white ballet flats (or nude dance shoes if you have them to look bare foot), hair in bun
Betty from The Flinstones- blue dress (or blue blouse w/ black skinny jeans), black ribbon w/ white stone or charm for necklace, black ballet flats (or nude dance shoes if you have them to look bare foot), hair flipped up at ends
Hello Kitty-dark pink jumper(or cropped sleeved jacket w/ dark pink pants or skirt), light pink long sleeved shirt, dark pink bow for hair
Barbie from Toy Story 3-turqoise unitard (or leotard w/ same colored tights), pink striped legwarmers (can cut sleaves off of a sweater for these), light pink pumps, dark pink belt, dark pink ribbon for hair, wear hair in pony tail (if you have long hair curl the ends)

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