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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go diego, go away

I feel old when I get up in the morning to see dora & diego, handy manny, and ni hao kai-lan. Those are just some of the shows where you actually learn something instead of the more mind numbing stuff that allows parents to let the tv babysit there children. When I was little there was the flintstones, the jetsons, scoobey doo, & tom and jerry. We learned sharing from barney, seaseme street and blues clues, quality shows. Does anyone remember Madaline? that was the cloesest we had to a language learning show & I loved that show as a little girl. Kids now are deprived of such good shows that were nice & simple but didnt talk to us like we were hard of learning. I remember lamb chop, mr roger's neighborhood, gullah gullah island, & wishbone as most people around my age do. Where are shows like that now? They still show some of they good ones like auther and clifford but children arent watching them as much:(
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